Maro Lorimer spent her childhood on the bay, barrier islands and beaches of Bellport, a small village on the south shore of eastern Long Island, New York. At a young age, she was influenced to paint the surroundings she loved by her father, a physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He had studied painting with Gertrude Quastler and enthusiastically shared her teachings with others, as he sold many paintings and organized local art events.

After graduating magna cum laude from Brown University, Maro moved to Vail, Colorado, where she wrote for magazines and hosted and produced a variety of radio programs. At the same time, she studied watercolor painting with Denver artist rita derjue, and was accepted into juried state-wide exhibits, which qualified her for membership in the Colorado Watercolor Society. Her avid pursuit of mountain sports added to her love of wild places, and her wish to paint them.

Moving to Florida in 1999, Maro studied for five years in the studio of Douglas H Teller, Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts, George Washington University. She first explored the coastal environment through intimate beach path collages, which celebrated the wildness of the natural paths of Anna Maria Island. From the intimacy of the paths, she emerged to paint more expansive abstract depictions of shorelines and infinite horizons.

Maro’s large seascapes are featured in a growing number of fine homes in the Sarasota area. In recent years, she has had solo exhibitions at The Studio at Gulf and Pine, in Anna Maria, at the Palmetto Art Center, at Art Uptown, in Sarasota, and, at the invitation of the Sarasota Orchestra, in their Harmony Gallery at Holley Hall.

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