Maro, I am so enthusiastic about your new work. Your commitment to your art is paying off, and I am so happy for you. The paintings show well in The Studio [at Gulf and Pine, her gallery]….I am delighted with the quality of your work.

—Former first lady of Florida and gallery owner Rhea Chiles January, 2011


You have captured that magic warmth that blue can have. And the mood of the dunes makes me feel downright homesick.

—Rex Burns, author, Denver, Colorado


Maro, your work is incredible! You provide an exceptional perspective of water and light captured by years of studying the coastline, both from the shore and at sea….The analogous colors convey positive emotional scenes reflecting contentment, hope, inspiration, and tranquility, all of which help the viewer cope, rest, and unwind…

—Sarah Litwiller, Bloomington, Illinois


Discovering the artist Maro Lorimer will undoubtedly enrich your understanding of the Florida environment.

—Douglas H Teller, Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts, George Washington University


You are an inquisitive artist of note, whose voice has emerged and is being appreciated. I am honored to have another Maro painting in my collection. I have displayed it in my office.

—Rika Mouw, jeweler-sculptor-environmentalist, Homer Alaska


Every time I go near the family room I peek in to see our beautiful painting. Then I stop and just take it in. It’s so lovely and peaceful. We are just thrilled with it! I sent a photo of the painting to our kids and they loved it also. One son said, “AWESOME! I want one!” Our daughter-in-law said that she thought it was a painting you could look at for a long time. She’s right!

 Thank you, again, for all you did to create a lovely painting, and make this such a nice experience for us.

—Colette Purcell, Sarasota, Florida


I studied your work. Peace and Joy is my favorite of all that I saw. You have masterfully accomplished in acrylic paint what was once only possible with oils.

—Vandorn Hinnant, sculptor, Durham, North Carolina


For me, in a good number of your compositions, you have quite successfully “humanized” Rothko’s aesthetic sensibilities. BRAVO!

—Vandorn Hinnant, sculptor, Durham, North Carolina


Your painting is strong and reminds me of Mark Rothko who was described as an abstractionist but I always felt his works could also be described as landscapes. My conclusion is that you should keep on painting and paint whatever you wish. Your paintings are first rate.

—Carle Zimmerman, Littleton, Colorado


Your texturing shows through, even on little pieces of art. To me it is such a “Maro” signature and what I love most about your heartfelt honoring of Nature.

—Allison Howard, Bradenton, Florida


After admiring your art, it was so nice to meet you….Your painting created a huge flurry of activity, making $1060 for our event! So much appreciation.

—Lee McParland, The Center of Anna Maria Island, April, 2024