Douglas Teller

A review of Maro Lorimer’s exhibition, Beach Paths and Other Recent Work, at the Studio at Gulf and Pine, January, 2010.

This is a stunning collection of paintings and collages executed by Maro Lorimer. In the “Beach Paths Suite” of eight collages one feels the heat of the beach, the cool of the shaded path, the occasional touch of an aged handrail, and always the catching of a refreshing glimpse of the Gulf. This is an exciting new look of an aged subject matter. These pieces are all collage with acrylic paint and this is the rare case where the medium does not overwhelm the images.

Ms. Lorimer turns her extraordinary talents to larger works on canvas incorporating acrylic painting and occasionally collage. Again the subjects are landscapes but more abstract, each containing a horizon, or is it a horizon? The answer often is a matter of perception. There is a joyous journey to be taken in every work of art in this show. Discovering the artist Maro Lorimer will undoubtedly enrich your understanding of the Florida environment.

Douglas H Teller
Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts
George Washington University